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Daifuku motorcycle "Tai Fook" trademark as "Famous Chinese Trademark"

Date:2016年7月12日 14:44

"Tai Fook" trademark Guangdong Dafu Motorcycle Co., Ltd., was identified as "Famous Chinese Trademark", which is yet another award in 2007 following the big Fumo Tuo was named "Guangdong Famous Brand" after obtained. Thus, Tai Fook become the motor industry in Guangdong Province a few "Famous Chinese Trademark", one of the famous enterprises.
10 years of history of Tai Fook become the trademark well-known trademarks, in Guangdong Province is outstanding entrepreneurs, led by Hu Yingjiang all great blessing after years of unremitting efforts to obtain. Founded in 1996, Guangdong Dafu Motorcycle Co., Ltd., more than a decade, big Fumo Tuo achieve leapfrog development, the highest in Guangdong, "one of six South China Tiger", ranked among the top 20 motorcycle industry, for four consecutive years the amount of tax exceeds ten million , ranking first in Foshan Mount enterprise.
Tips Tai Fook Enterprises chairman Hu Yingjiang gave away success: success comes from innovation, big Fumo Tuo with "accurate, clear brand positioning" and "product characteristics, rural policy" of two strokes and finally succeeded in reaching brand.
Accurate, clear brand positioning is the key to success, Guangdong Tai Fook Motorcycle Co., Ltd. Chairman Hu Yingjiang understand this. In the company's inception, the brand products establish a clear development to promote the idea that "relative Tai Fook, the Tai Fook car", with the design, development, production and sales in one of the operation system, creating a part of Daifuku characteristics personalized products. Consumer positioning, Tai Fook brand mainly in the rural market as the main consumer areas, for landing assault. In recent years, the company has embarked on a technology, the characteristics of sustainable development, became the first brand in the SETC announcement. In 2002, Tai Fook brand was named "Chinese famous motorcycle brand"; 2007 General Fumo Tuo received a "brand-name products in Guangdong Province." Recently, the "Tai Fook" trademark and won the "China Famous Brand."
In order to enrich Tai Fook brand products, build featured companies, specialty brands, companies in the mid-1990s, he tried to get rid of the traditional "homogeneous" mode. The late 1990s, more optimistic about the market at the same time introduced a new generation of enterprise historical significance "clouds" plan, fully armed, big Fumo Tuo refresh and take the road of brand Guangdong characteristics to create full of "Guangdong flavor" and a comprehensive upgrade, Hu Yingjiang He said: "the business of the original" single attack mode, "sales made bold attempts to import fully prepared to take the initiative of" spider model "marketing strategy company focused on the implementation of the terminal market, the positive development of the franchisee terminal in Guangdong. Guangxi, Hunan and other provinces and cities set up more than 200 stores.
Large Fumo Tuo company was founded soon, there will be a number of motorcycle dealers came to the door, grab the pin, emerging situation, was when the mid-1990s, the motorcycle market in Guangdong, but also the value infancy, the market situation is: the production of a domestic motorcycle profitable than importing a motorcycle larger profits in this momentum, large Fumo Tuo vigorous blacksmith, the incident became popular, everyone knows the brand.
However, Hu Yingjiang not moved by profit, before the decision, decided to produce its own brand of motorcycle, take the characteristics of the road, the company began to increase gradually the technological input. In 2001, the company's total investment of tens of millions yuan to introduce the most advanced production lines operating, gathered Tai Fook, Gouda, double, three Brand, attack the market, to put bigger and stronger motor for office, fingertips, has become a production capacity of 500,000 vehicles, the engine one million local enterprises.

Guangdong brand mainly for product quality evaluation; and well-known trademark is a trademark visibility and credibility identified. Tai Fook After obtaining the prestigious title, and won the well-known trademarks, double income in the bag, it will be another chapter in the history of Tai Fook Enterprises, to Tai Fook Enterprises wrote a glorious page. Large Fumo Tuo in creating its own brand at the same time, pay attention to the brand of cultural propaganda, pro escapement characteristic brand well-known trademarks, adhere to create special motorcycle, make big Fumo Tuo, Mount Tai Fook brand glory sector, out of the country, Guangdong and even China become another Mount Industry the sword.

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