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Guangdong Dafu motorcycle Co., LTD. was founded in 1996, the company set research and development, manufacturing and sales, the company is located in the center of the Pearl River Delta city of Nanhai District of Foshan --- Changhong Ridge Industrial Park, adjacent to the Guangzhou International Airport and the port at the national level Hong Kong South China Sea, adjacent living Guang Shinkansen 321 State Road, next to one of Foshan, convenient transportation

The company now has Daifuku Gouda, double bonds of the three brands, both national brand formal announcement. Extraordinary development, peer advanced in time, first-class enterprises, the international forward Tai Fook Enterprises is a firm development goals. Since its inception, with strong quality, outside tree and brand image, and constantly improve product quality and expand production scale, rapid development of enterprises, has become a has an annual output capacity of 500,000 vehicles, the engine one million local backbone enterprises , it has a high visibility in the domestic motorcycle counterparts.

1, a good reputation with the respective operating funds.
2, modern marketing concept of brand development and long-term vision.
3, the company and brand loyalty has, there is a strong sense of collaboration cooperation.
4, strong management skills and good social relations.
5, the brand apparel market has a certain understanding, can grasp the market demand.

Are invited to the provinces, cities, counties, towns spotted our brand friends, especially welcome point blank, the small regional distributors directly to join! Our direct sales model, Chengzhao dealers Agent, working directly with the company, our company will provide your company the best quality, the best service guarantee.

Welcome you to join Tai Fook brand agency, I welcome you to the Secretary to visit!