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Guangdong Dafu Motorcycle Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, the company set research and development, manufacturing and sales, enterprises registered capital of 20 million yuan, fixed assets of more than billion, the company is located in the center of the Pearl River Delta --- Nanhai District of Foshan City, Dali Changhongling industrial Park. May 18, 2004 to move into the new plant covers an area of 100 acres, adjacent to the Guangzhou International Airport and a port in Hong Kong South China Sea, adjacent living Guang Shinkansen 321 State Road, next to Foshan, a ring, and convenient transportation.

Excellent Team

Gouda kid turned out super king Sanda Liu Hailong Liu legs Pigua Hao Da Motuo endorsement, to convey the concept of international Kung Fu Chinese Chinese cars. Tai Fook Enterprises is one of the focus of motorcycle production base in Guangdong, is a national company announcement. The company has modern production lines, with high-quality staff, with national testing laboratories, technical centers of provincial research and development capabilities, including engineering and technical personnel nearly twenty people, all from well-known domestic enterprises, with the gasoline engine, motorcycle , tricycle production management and R & D capabilities.

Three well-known brands

The company now has Daifuku, double bonds, Gouda three brands, both national brand formal announcement. & Ldquo; extraordinary development, peer advanced in time, first-class enterprises, to the international forward & rdquo; is Tai Fook Enterprises firm development goals. Since its inception, with strong quality, outside tree and brand image, and constantly improve product quality and expand production scale, rapid development of enterprises, has become a has an annual output capacity of 500,000 vehicles, the engine one million local backbone enterprises , has a high visibility in the domestic motorcycle counterparts.

To meet the increasingly fierce international competition, the three-dimensional diversified conglomerates steadily forward, Tai Fook Enterprises times, cornerstone of quality, excellent win for the idea. In 2001-- During 2003, Daifuku products have passed a number of domestic and international certification ISO9001, ISO14001,3C, Europe Ⅱ, TUV, E-mark, and other national production access. In 2007, the Division I-testing laboratories and technology center was identified as & ldquo; national testing laboratory & rdquo;, & ldquo; & rdquo ;. provincial technology center In 2009, Tai Fook trademark was identified as & ldquo; China Famous Trademark & rdquo;, & ldquo; Guangdong export brand & rdquo; title in 2011, produced by the company & ldquo; Tai Fook, Gouda, double bonds & rdquo; three brands have successfully passed the State III possess the indicators. With the continuous improvement of the quality of the brand, & ldquo; Tai Fook & rdquo; brand motorcycle was identified as & ldquo; & rdquo ;. brand-name products in Guangdong Province Daifuku wings off to lay a solid foundation and become open up domestic and international market, huge resources.

Founding integrity of purpose


Companies adhere to the & ldquo; honesty, to justice as the most important, courtesy hospitality, Germany others & rdquo; Founding purposes, excellence, continuous improvement and dedication to provide customers with high performance, safe and environmentally friendly products and attentive service. Creating value for consumers and society, and actively expand the marketing channels to expand market share, tap the potential business opportunities. Companies since 2010 Division is responsible for the system, set up the motorcycle division, gasoline engine division, tricycles and motorcycles Marketing Division four independent departments, select a certain management experience, has a certain influence on the industry professionals as division leaders, the formation of the core team, under their leadership, in their different fields to show its advantages, we have achieved remarkable results.

Companies in 2015 to the idea of diversification, entered the smart technology and medical rehabilitation industry, we have invested to set up Intelligent Technology Division and Guangdong Tai Fook Medical Technology Co., enrich and expand the company's product structure, performance and stability for the company to follow growth has laid a good foundation.

Daifuku in the motorcycle industry has gone through nearly 20 years. In the coming days, Daifuku will be difficulties, worked hard to achieve better results, look to the future, Tai Fook people mind the world, Faces, will be relying on honesty, faith continue to struggle to forge ahead, continuing healthy development of the subject to the type of diversified businesses forward.